The publisher of the Skidki Akcii KZ application respects the right of its users to privacy. Therefore, it does not collect any confidential or personal data of its users. It takes care of all data of its users and makes every effort to ensure that these data are stored and processed in a safe and consistent manner. The collected data helps the publisher to solve technical problems, as well as to adjust the application to the Users' expectations.

Skidki Akcii KZ does not collect or send any user's personal data, but only data that are not of this nature, i.e. statistical, demographic and usage data for Skidki Akcii KZ.

By using the Skidki Akcii KZ application, the User declares that he accepts the principles contained in this document.

Data automatically collected

When you use the Skidki Akcii KZ application, demographic, statistical and usage data is automatically collected. These data are used, inter alia, for statistical and information purposes. They are used, among other things, to improve the functioning of applications, to adapt applications to users' expectations or to prepare statistical and billing data. These data are anonymous, they are not personal data - they do not enable identification of the User's person.

The publisher in Skidki Akcii KZ uses error monitoring systems. Therefore (in case of an error), the Publisher can automatically collect information about the application error. We may also collect information useful in diagnosing a particular problem, such as the status of your device (at the time when the error occurs), your device identification data, and your location (at the time when the error occurs). These data are also not of a personal nature.

Other data

Skidki Akcii KZ provides the ability to store loyalty cards within the application. This functionality requires user authentication in order to ensure maximum security of card data. The application uses the Firebase Authentication system for this purpose. In order to add loyalty cards efficiently, the application enables the functionality of scanning the code on the card. In order to use this functionality, you may need to grant the permission to use the camera by an application. Granting permission is not required and refusal will lead to the code being manually entered.

Final provisions

The publisher declares that he will apply appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of the processed data.

The Publisher reserves the right to change the above Privacy Policy by publishing a new Privacy Policy.